Are you a fan of HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones? If so, then Game of Thrones Slots might be something that may interest you – an online casino game available on iOS and Android devices and featuring characters and themes from the show that makes for an engaging casino gaming experience on phones. This Zynga-esque mobile casino offers unique and enjoyable casino gaming on phones!

This game is free to download, with in-app purchases available to get additional coins and in-game rewards. On top of regular gameplay, additional coins may be earned by watching short advertisements that pop up during gameplay; this can help extend your bankroll while keeping you playing for longer!

Another outstanding aspect of this game is its House system. Players can select a house they want to join as they progress in the game, each offering different bonuses and features such as House of Lannister with 10 free spins with four-time multiplier and three emblems while House of Targaryen provides 18 free spins and six emblems respectively.

Players can utilize the House system to compete against one another for fantastic rewards. This can be accomplished via weekly slots leagues and For the Throne competitions; by winning these events, your chances of unlocking rare cards and fulfilling special quests increases exponentially; perhaps you could even clinch yourself the Iron Throne itself!

Game of Thrones Slots also provides plenty of entertaining and engaging mini-games, like Dragon’s Egg which lets players win prizes by guessing if an egg lands on either a “Walker”, “DireWolf”, or a “Three-Eyed Raven”. These additional mini-games add some flair and variety to this unique mobile game!

Game of Thrones Slots stands out from other mobile casinos by including a social element in its House system, enabling you to interact with other players and build up relationships within your community. By sharing your progress in the game with them and helping build up bankroll quickly.

This game is very straightforward and offers plenty of unique features, making it worth trying if you are a fan of Game of Thrones! The graphics are exquisite while its soundtrack provides a thrilling atmosphere – plus, every win gives players an opportunity to gamble for more winnings in order to try to double it! Definitely recommendable for GOT enthusiasts!