what happens to hot lotto jackpot when game ends

A Blazing Hot Cash lottery ticket may seem odd to hold in your hand, but it shouldn’t be seen as anything unusual; after all, just like Utz potato chips or Entenmann’s cinnamon-swirl buns from your local convenience store or $1.98 bottles of wine they all provide government services for consumers like state parks and driver’s licenses do.

Lori Boyle of Independence makes history in Kansas when she becomes the first player ever to win a Hot Lotto jackpot! Her winning numbers were 07-07-08-30-31; cash is awarded instead of having taxes withheld from income generated.

Lottery joins forces with General Motors to debut World Class…LaCrosse, an instant game offering two Buick LaCrosse vehicles as grand prizes at second-chance drawings at the Kansas State Fair for $10. Additionally, Home on the Range (made in Kansas instant game featuring two RangeRunner ATVs from TerraTrack of Clay Center Kansas) makes its debut.

Lottery sales are suspended daily at 11 p.m. for system balancing purposes. Players who purchase lottery tickets may cancel them within an hour after purchasing, before store closure or Lottery system shutoff occurs whichever comes first.