How to Select an Costeffective Pet GPS System For Your Family Pet

Cost of GPS trackers and collars for dogs varies considerably, depending on the device you select, its additional features, cellular service needs, battery requirements and battery usage requirements. Spending some time getting to know what works for your family pets will allow you to select an effective tracking solution while giving peace of mind.

GPS trackers use cell and satellite technologies to transmit real-time location information, while Bluetooth trackers rely on radiofrequency (RF) technology and can therefore only deliver location updates closer to them. Either type of pet tracker should be durable, comfortable and easy to set up with long battery lives for best results.

Some pet trackers come equipped with built-in cameras that let you keep tabs on your animal and take selfies, while other models provide remote controls so you can steer around obstacles or help get them home more safely. Some models even feature speakers to allow communication with your pet directly while other sensors alert you of extreme temperature or movement changes.

No matter your budget, there’s sure to be a GPS tracker suitable for every furry family member – from large dogs with multiple outings a day, all the way down to tiny pups who never leave your sight! In our tests, Tractive GPS Dog LTE stood out as being both reliable and functional; costing less than rival products Fi and Whistle respectively at just $134 including one year’s cellular service subscription for your unit alone!

Tractive is our top pick for pet trackers due to its reliable performance, sleek design and helpful app features. It allows users to set safe zones that will notify them if their pet ever exits them; additionally, sharing tracking between family members may prove especially useful if traveling or hosting overnight guests with your pet.

Although the Tractive GPS Dog LTE may appear small at first glance, it attaches easily and securely to most collars while being durable enough to withstand rough play. Furthermore, its battery life is impressive: two weeks to three months on a single charge! Moreover, we appreciate that it comes equipped with both USB cable and dock recharging options, making it convenient to keep trackers charged both at home and when traveling.

Though our GPS dog tracker, the Link, was a solid option, it has one major drawback. To conserve battery power and conserve resources, it only geolocates every few minutes, meaning your pup could travel quite far during that period. But it still offers great solutions if live tracking won’t drain too quickly from your battery; otherwise opt for models with reliable updates every 30 seconds or less for best results.