There are various lottery games offering huge jackpot prizes, yet it can be hard to know which has the best odds. Jared James, former PriceWaterhouseCoopers CPA and Mergers & Acquisition Specialist offers his advice for finding one with optimal chances.

Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming offer some of the easiest lotteries to win: 2by2 with its 2-to-1 odds, followed by Texas Cash Five in Texas and Fantasy 5 in Florida – though more likely odds don’t necessarily equate to larger prizes.

Mega Millions

The Mega Millions jackpot has hit one billion dollars, but what are its odds of being won? According to Syracuse University professor Steven Diaz, one out of 302,575,350. This figure is much higher than winning Powerball jackpot; yet much lower than chances of lightning striking or becoming President.

Some players try to increase their odds by selecting numbers which have appeared frequently or that haven’t been drawn for some time, believing they are “due”. Unfortunately, such strategies won’t increase your odds since lottery results are determined solely by chance and luck. Instead, the best approach would be playing random numbers or using quick pick. That way you have a greater chance of claiming an actual prize that could mean something (versus shared among numerous winners).


Powerball jackpots can reach tens of millions of dollars, yet winning them may not be easy. Your odds of success with just one Powerball play are 1 in 292,201,338. Although avoiding long-outstanding numbers may improve these odds slightly, this is unlikely to significantly boost them.

Increase your chances of winning by buying more tickets, but be mindful not to exceed your budget – otherwise you risk winning big but being unable to enjoy it all! Use this information as a basis for evaluating lottery odds and making informed decisions; just remember that winning may still be unlikely!


Lotteries odds depend on two elements: the required winning numbers and available options pool. A two-by-two lottery game requiring four numbers out of 52 options has odds of one in 105,625, but when selecting numbers it is also important to remember how long they have been out – 12-game winners make up three quarters of all winning numbers!

2by2 lottery game can be found across Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming and offers the easiest chances to win with daily draws featuring jackpots and secondary prizes for $1 tickets; special double-win multiplier draws take place every Tuesday for an added boost in chances. Overall odds of success are 1 in 3.59.

Texas Cash Five

Texas Cash Five provides 1 in 7.2 chances for players to win prizes (including free ticket prizes). By contrast, Lotto Texas provides significantly less favorable odds. To play Texas Cash Five, players select five numbers from a guess range of 35 numbers for $1 per play and tax-free prizes up to $5,000 are awarded in Texas while its top tier jackpot remains fixed at $25,000.

When the jackpot is big enough, many people line up to purchase tickets. But jackpot size alone does not determine how easy it is to win prizes in a lottery – there are also ways you can improve your odds by using magayo Lotto software to intelligently eliminate balls that are unlikely to be drawn from.

Fantasy 5

Fantasy Five offers far better odds than national lotteries for winning big. Winning relies on combinations and multiplication – two mathematical formulae used to calculate probabilities associated with independent events.

Players can place their FANTASY 5 selections by marking desired numbers on a paper play slip or telling a retailer their choices, or by marking one of the Quick Pick boxes found on each panel and having the terminal randomly choose one or more numbers from them.

Players have an additional chance at cash prizes by matching four or three of their numbers, earning twond Chance codes for every $5 spent on FANTASY 5, which they can enter into a weekly drawing for three $10,000 prizes and twelve $1,000 prizes each week.