As online gambling continues to spread throughout the US, it’s crucial that we understand which states permit betting money on different games. While federal regulation remains desirable for many in this industry, state regulations currently dominate.

After the federal ban was lifted on sports betting in 2018, individual states took up regulation of iGaming themselves. Some passed laws quickly while others needed time to consider. As a result, there is now an assortment of regulations between states which vary significantly in scope.

New york stands as an example of a state that has not legalized online gaming yet, despite multiple attempts at changing this stance. Although New york could eventually launch a regulated iGaming market, however, that might take longer.

North carolina, like iGaming in Florida and Nevada, has yet to legalize online casino play. While they could eventually support it eventually, North carolina may opt to wait and observe how sports betting performs first before making changes to their laws.

Rhode Island has long been at the forefront of iGaming innovation. One of the pioneering states to make legal online gaming in 2023 and launch its regulated market that June, it has experienced steady growth as a gaming destination over time.

Massachusetts is another state that has legalized iGaming. They launched their online sports betting platform in 2020 and major operators such as FanDuel, DraftKings and BetMGM maintain sportsbooks within their borders. Massachusetts looks forward to expanding their market further as they compete with nearby New jersey and Pennsylvania for dominance of iGaming markets.

West Virginia is quickly catching up to other states when it comes to iGaming regulations. Recently, they approved a bill which expands current gambling regulations to permit online poker and video game wagering, potentially drawing tourists while creating jobs within its gambling industry.

Washington – While Washington D. C. has been slow to adopt legalizing online gaming, things could change soon due to recent investments flooding the region that are forcing local governments to change their stance on iGaming.

Idaho – Idaho remains one of only a few states which has not legalized online gambling, though residents can access tribal casinos; online wagering however remains unavailable and doesn’t appear likely to change any time soon.