when will online gambling be legal in massachusetts

Since the US Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on sports betting in 2018, several states have legalized and regulated betting on professional and amateur sporting events, but Massachusetts remains absent from this list. Although multiple bills have been introduced but they have not passed the state legislature; thus leaving bettors wondering when online gambling will become legal in Massachusetts?

Though the answer to this question remains elusive, many experts have offered their insight on this matter. Their predictions of when and how a state might legalize sports betting range from 2023-2025; other experts predict an online market might even debut sooner than this date.

As such, Massachusetts gambling landscape could experience dramatic shifts in 2023. Sports betting will debut both retail and online during the first half of 2023 and mobile wagering shortly thereafter.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has given approval for nine sportsbooks to offer online wagering, starting in March 2023. They’ll join eight existing licenses tied directly to casinos or racetracks; three casinos and Plainridge Park racetrack will accept sports bets as well.

Though legal sports betting may bring excitement, it is essential that Massachusetts residents keep in mind the risks associated with online gambling. Gambling addiction is especially risky for young people and those recovering from it; criminals could target these groups more readily to steal personal data. To reduce risks related to addiction and prevent gambling addiction from developing further, Massachusetts residents should only deal with licensed operators.

Players should carefully evaluate both legalized sportsbooks and offshore sportsbooks when considering which is better for them. Offshore sites operate outside the U.S. without being subject to US laws, making these sites tempting when legal alternatives are unavailable; but players should use such sites only when absolutely necessary.

Online sportsbooks offer bettors many advantages, ranging from user-friendly interfaces and an expansive selection of betting markets to loyalty programs offering rewards that bettors can redeem for free bets or other perks. Some online sportsbooks even provide odds boosts that artificially increase odds on certain bets.

One of the more controversial provisions of Massachusetts’ sports betting law is its provision that individuals may only place bets on in-state college teams participating in nationally recognized tournaments like March Madness or NCAA basketball and football games, such as March Madness or any NCAA playoff tournaments such as championship games for basketball or football. However, this provision seems reasonable given college sports are popular betting markets; thus preventing problems associated with betting on high profile in-state colleges like Boston College.