how to win all or nothing lottery game

Are you searching for a new lottery game to try? All or Nothing could be the perfect game! With its innovative system enabling players to match either all or none of the numbers drawn during each drawing, All or Nothing gives players an exciting opportunity to win big prizes by matching either all or none of the numbers drawn. Easy to play, players can purchase tickets from participating Lottery retailers throughout Wisconsin by showing their playslip at time of purchase.

Each All or Nothing drawing takes place four times daily and you may choose to participate in any or all of them. To do so, purchase a ticket for two dollars and select 12 numbers between one and 24 from a set. Alternatively, use Quick Pick as it provides random selection of numbers for every draw.

Once your ticket has been purchased, pay at a participating Lottery retailer and enter it in the upcoming draw at 7pm every Tuesday and Friday night – winning numbers will then be announced shortly afterwards and can also be found online.

Winning prizes in All or Nothing is straightforward: the exact numbers that match those selected in an official drawing determine your fate. A top prize in All or Nothing is awarded to those who match all five winning numbers while lower prizes can also be won by matching two.

To play All or Nothing, select 24 numbers from a range from 1-24 and submit your entries by 7pm on the night of the draw. A random drawing will take place and winners will be chosen at random – although Quick Pick allows players to circumvent selecting their own numbers altogether.

All or Nothing Lottery Game is an engaging lottery game with multiple chances to win every day – its top prize stands at an amazing $50,000! Be sure to keep a close eye on your tickets so as to not miss any potential prizes!

All or Nothing also provides an additional prize in its Bonus feature that can be activated by marking the ‘Y’ box or asking your retailer for a Quick Pick. When activated, your ticket cost double and winning payouts could increase up to 10x!

Chances of winning an All or Nothing jackpot are 1 in 2 million – far greater than Mega Millions or Powerball jackpots! Should you manage to be successful and claim one, payout should occur 180 days from drawing date; winners can collect their prize from any Lottery retail venue or by mail.