Sports events bring people from around the globe together in one moment for a collective experience and stir up a great deal of hysteria among fans. Be it an international soccer tournament or the NBA championship, sporting events have an all-inclusive appeal; not only entertaining but also unifying people across borders.

The Olympics has long been recognized as a celebration of world unity and peace. Held every four years, over 200 nations from around the globe send athletes to compete in multiple sports during this unique sporting event that also showcases world cultures and traditions.

Other major sporting events are the World Cup and Formula 1 Racing. The former attracts an audience of over 5 billion viewers worldwide while the latter pits drivers against each other to test endurance, precision and agility – two events that continue to hold an immense pull for millions around the globe. No wonder such events remain so enduringly appealing!

In the United States, Super Bowl is an iconic sporting event; however, its reach pales in comparison to that of World Cup, which draws more than 115 million Americans and has become the most-watched sporting event ever. 2024 Paris World Cup edition should help further cement World Cup’s place within North American sports culture while simultaneously showing that coexisting alongside Super Bowl’s stronghold.

The Naadam Festival is another incredibly popular sporting event celebrated annually in Mongolia. This celebration honors ancient practices found among nomads. Additionally, it’s seen as an expression of national strength with wrestling, horse racing and archery as its three cornerstone pursuits.

As it can be challenging to identify the world’s biggest sporting events based solely on spectator numbers, it is wise to keep an eye out for upcoming events and plan ahead. Some are so large that tickets sell out quickly; to make things simpler and save yourself the hassle, streaming services like Fubo provide convenient viewing solutions – sign up now for your free trial with Fubo today and watch your favorite sporting events live or via on demand viewing.