In the United States, there is no legally mandated minimum age for gambling; rather, each state determines their own gambling age restrictions in order to safeguard minors from engaging in high-risk activities that can cause financial strain or mental health problems.

Many countries, including the UK and Australia, require individuals aged 18 or above to gamble legally at casinos or sports bets. This age restriction serves as a safeguard to safeguard children who may still be developing personal, emotional and social skills and thus may not be capable of engaging in high-risk activities like gambling. Furthermore, certain states consider underage gambling to be child abuse and will thus penalize anyone engaging in it.

Some countries, like Russia and Germany, also impose higher minimum gambling ages; however, legal gambling age limits in these states often differ from those found in the US minimum age of 21.

Answering “Yes” when it comes to online gambling for those under the age of 18 generally is “Yes.” As long as a site follows appropriate security practices and measures, gambling online should be safe for people under 18. Reputable sites typically employ random number generators (RNGs) and encryption technology to protect data against unauthorized access and ensure fairness and safety during gambling sessions.

While there may be debate regarding whether or not gambling should be permitted for children, most states agree that minors should not make bets on horse races or sports events as children may not understand the risks and rewards involved with betting on such events. Furthermore, gambling activities have adverse psychological effects and could potentially lead to addiction in minors.

The legal gambling ages in the United States differ depending on your state of residence; 18 is often sufficient for brick-and-mortar casinos while others require at least 21 to gamble legally. Age requirements may also depend on what forms of gambling are offered – some states only provide lottery or bingo while others may allow sports betting.

Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Montana and Minnesota are among the few states which permit gambling at age 18. Most other states impose a gambling age of 21 for both in-person and online sports betting; please click any state in the table below for its minimum gambling age. If you’re curious to try online sports betting yourself, take a look at this article for legal websites operating within the US that have been tested and licensed by gaming authorities to provide fair bets to gamblers; most also practice strict responsible gambling policies to only accept bets from those able to afford losses when placing bets!